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March 15, 2019
Jotafloor PU Topcoat HS
March 15, 2019
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Jotafloor PU Topcoat


Boasting a two component, isocyanate cured Polyutherine coating, the Jotafloor PU topcoat is a product that enhances the durability of a surface by protecting it from abrasion and chemical exposure while adding a glossy effect which tends to leave a neat impression on any observer. This densely infused coating is known for its non-yellowing properties which makes it an ideal product for indoor surfaces.
As a topcoat it is ideally used to coat surfaces in places such as underground car parks, ramps, external traffic decks and pedestrian walkways. The application of this coating is simple and efficient, making it suitable for those who wish to self-administer it.


Product type: Topcoat
Area of use: Underground car parks, ramps, external traffic deck, concrete balconies, parking bays, and pedestrian walkways
Substrate: Concrete masonry floor
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Vast colour choice
  • Solar reflective index

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