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Jotafloor Damp Bond


Among our vast range of flooring primers, the Jotafloor Damp Bond tends to stand out due its densely prepared formula of polyamide cured epoxy. This product has been specifically prepared for surfaces that need curing and are situated in areas where the moisture levels are high. The curing phase of concrete surfaces benefits greatly from this high solids primer which is considered by many as the most cost effective method of enhancing the durability of their surfaces. The surface can be any such as that found in warehouses, garages, hangers and laboratories.
An excellent resilience to chemicals makes this a much favored primer in chemical factories and various refineries where spillage is common yet detrimental to the surface.
Before applying the product, it is advisable to to read the manual carefully or ask a professional to do it.


Product type: Primer
Area of use: Warehouses, garages, dairies, factories, laboratories, aircraft hangars, food and beverage plant rooms
Substrate: Concrete masonry Floor
  • Cost effective curing and priming
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance

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