A.S. SALES is a 100% subsidiary of Jotun A/S, Norway in India with corporate office in Mumbai and state-of-theart manufacturing facility at Ranjangaon near Pune for paints, coatings & powder coatings inaugurated in May 2008. Jotun's operations in India cover production, marketing and sales of various paint systems and products to protect and decorate surfaces in the residential, shipping and industrial markets


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We build long-term relationships with our customers based on respect and a great willingness to exceed customer expectations. A.S. Sales has a set of core processes implemented across the company that ensures consistency in our actions world wide. We are the preferred partner for designers, architects, engineers, ship owners etc. Excellent products, excellent people.

Car Parking Coatings

Why do we need to protect a concrete Floor?

  • Most important part of a building
  • Most exposed to mechanical damage
  • Most abused
  • Most neglected
  • Most difficult / expensive to repair

Requirement of Floor Coating

  • Chemical, abrasion and impact resistance
  • Making floors clean and easy to maintain
  • Durability & Long life – Concrete Structure
  • A Highly Aesthetic finish
  • Once contaminated cleaning will be difficult and time consuming

Superior Floor Protection

Jotafloor PU Universal

This solvent-free polyutherine midcoat has been developed as a self-smoothing agent that does not simply cover blemishes but also provides an extra layer of protection which enhances the surface’s resilience against chemical exposures, abrasions and surface impacts. While having a low VOC, this flexible solvent-free coating also acts as an anti-skid agent, thereby giving the surface an added texture. The application of this product should be done after understanding the properties of not just this agent but also of every other coating agent involved in the system in order to avoid undesirable consequences.
Jotafloor SL Universal_1_899 x 350 px_tcm132-90691

Jotafloor SL Universal

A highly effective smoothing agent, the Jotafloor SL Universal is a three component solvent-free epoxy coating that offers protection against a range of detriments such as abrasion, chemical exposure and corrosion. This topcoat is suitable for warehouses, factories, garages, laboratories and aircraft hangers and can be applied as a part of a coating system with the aid of a trowel. The ideal application ratios of this coating are elaborated in the user guide, nonetheless it is recommended that professional help be sought at the time of application due to the involvement of other primers. Upon request, we also offer a course to increase the understanding of this coat.

Jotafloor Glass Flake

A finely formed epoxy coating which is reinforced with polyamine cured glass flakes, this top-coat product is highly recommended for surfaces that witness extreme wear and tear on a usual basis. Usually used as an independent product, it can also provide targeted enhancement if combined with other products and therefore is perceived as the key element of any coating system. The Jotafloor glass flake can be applied as a mid-coat or a finish coat, depending upon the requirements of the surface. The reinforcement provided by glass flakes leads to an elevated resistance against impacts and abrasion, making it a suitable top-coat for surfaces in coastal environments. The application of this product should be done in accordance with the recommended ratios, the specificity of which can be found in the user guide.

Jotafloor Coating

The Jotafloor coating is a dual component, polyamine cured solvent-free epoxy coating aimed at smoothing out rough surfaces. Beyond acting as a superb surface smoothing agent, the Jotafloor coating is also well known for its protection against environmental elements such as chemicals, impact and abrasion. This flooring topcoat was prepared while keeping in mind the extreme exposure that concrete surfaces can be made to endure which is why it doesn’t cater to a single specific need but rather an array of requirements, which are met post application.

Jotafloor PU Topcoat

Boasting a two component, isocyanate cured Polyutherine coating, the Jotafloor PU topcoat is a product that enhances the durability of a surface by protecting it from abrasion and chemical exposure while adding a glossy effect which tends to leave a neat impression on any observer. This densely infused coating is known for its non-yellowing properties which makes it an ideal product for indoor surfaces. As a topcoat it is ideally used to coat surfaces in places such as underground car parks, ramps, external traffic decks and pedestrian walkways. The application of this coating is simple and efficient, making it suitable for those who wish to self-administer it.
Jotafloor TopCoat_899 x 350 px_tcm132-90682

Jotafloor Topcoat

The Jotafloor topcoat is a wholesome coating agent whose multifaceted protection system makes it a suitable independent coating system. This two component, polyamide cured epoxy coating is ideal for surfaces exposed to extreme wear and tear, such as that of oil refineries, chemical factories, unloading bays and warehouses. While it exponentially increases the durability of a surface, it also offers a spectacular visual appeal which is due to A.S. Sales’ vibrant range of multicolor industry tinting systems. The color retention of the surfaces is high which makes the surface seem fresh despite the constant exposure and abrasions.

Jotafloor Rapid Dry WB

The jotafloor rapid dry WB is a single component, fast drying acrylic coating that offers an enhanced resistance against UV rays. Used as a topcoat for protecting concrete surfaces such as those found in factories, warehouses and show rooms, this is a water borne compound which is sought for its fast drying, cost and time effective properties. Often used as a part of coating systems, it is desired by those who seek protection against targeted elements. Though the application of this product is simple, it is advisable to consult professionals before proceeding with the application of this coating.

Jotafloor Screed

A polyamine cured, solvent-free epoxy coating, the Jotafloor screed is sought for its exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance. Its enhanced bong strength implies that it can be used as an extremely effective adhesive and smoothing agent. Areas exposed to heavy wear and tear tend to greatly benefit from this agent which is why it is usually added to surfaces of oil refineries, chemical plants and steel producing plants. Efficient as a single coating system, the Jotafloor screed, at times is added as a part of coating systems wherein the surface seeks additional enhancements and therefore can be used as either a mid-coat or a finish coat.

Jotafloor Rapid Dry

A glossy alkyd topcoat, explicitly designed for indoor surfaces, the Jotafloor Rapid dry is best known for its fast drying quality which makes it an ideal product for both domestic and commercial surfaces. Mostly used in exhibition halls, residential quarters, malls and warehouse, this topcoat boasts a strong resilience against chemicals, impacts and abrasions while at the same time, its glossy effects and color retention properties appeal to those who seek something that requires low maintenance while offering high durability and enhanced protective properties.
jotafloor-rapid-dry_899 x 350 px_tcm132-91473