Jotun India Private Limited

Jotun India Private Limited is a 100% subsidiary of Jotun A/S, Norway in India with corporate office in Mumbai and state-of-theart manufacturing facility at Ranjangaon near Pune for paints, coatings & powder coatings inaugurated in May 2008. Jotun's operations in India cover production, marketing and sales of various paint systems and products to protect and decorate surfaces in the residential, shipping and industrial markets





PROTECTIVE Offshore, HPI Storage Tanks Energy Concrete



MARINE New Building Maintenance

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POWDER COATINGS Architectural Functional Industrial

Why Jotun

We build long-term relationships with our customers based on respect and a great willingness to exceed customer expectations. Jotun has a set of core processes implemented across the company that ensures consistency in our actions world wide. We are the preferred partner for designers, architects, engineers, ship owners etc. Excellent products, excellent people.

Superior Floor Protection

Jotafloor PU Universal

For flexible, seamless and waterproof membrane coating.

Jotafloor Glass Flake HS

For areas of high traffic, Jotafloor Glass Flake HS which is a reinforced epoxy covers and protects floors, preserving them for longer periods of time

Jotafloor EPSL

The Jotafloor EPSL is the jack-of-all-trades, capable of being used on interior flooring.
Jotafloor SL Universal_1_899 x 350 px_tcm132-90691

Jotafloor SL Universal

Used internally, Jotafloor SL Universal is a reliable floor coating for your establishment.

Jotafloor EPC 300

Jotafloor EPC 300 has no problem protecting the floor it is covering, even after heavy usage

Jotafloor Topcoat E

With its environment friendly and antifungal properties, the Jotafloor Topcoat E makes a great choice to the interior floor of any establishment

Jotafloor Glass Flake

For areas that deal with heavy duty traffic, Jotafloor Glass Flake is your coating of choice

Jotafloor Coating

For the subtle, yet effective, protection of floors exposed to chemicals and heavy-duty activities

Jotafloor PU Topcoat

When you need to protect floors from UV rays and chemicals, Jotafloor PU Topcoat is the coating you choose
Jotafloor TopCoat_899 x 350 px_tcm132-90682

Jotafloor Topcoat

Make any interior floor stand out with the Jotafloor Topcoat, which comes in a wide range of colours to choose from

Jotafloor TEX

When you want a floor that’s easy to maintain and is slip resistant, Jotafloor TEX is the product for you

Jotafloor Screed

Resistance against extreme wear and tear is what Jotafloor Screed provides for floors it is applied to

Jotafloor Rapid Dry WB

Jotafloor Rapid Dry DW, for floors that look good and last for longer
jotafloor-rapid-dry_899 x 350 px_tcm132-91473

Jotafloor Rapid Dry

A wide range of colours for floors that stay protected while looking good