A.S. Sales Protects Property

Our company, A.S. Sales started its journey in the year 2006 and has been associated with Jotun from the last 3 years.

A.S. Sales is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jotun A/S, Norway with its corporate office situated in Mumbai and an elaborate manufacturing facility at Ranjangaon near Pune for paints, coatings and powder coatings; and was inaugurated in 2008.

Its operations in India span over production, marketing and sales of various paint systems and products to protect and decorate surfaces in the residential, shipping and industrial arena.

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Our vision

Every seasoned customer knows that purchasing a product is not as important as ensuring whether the vendor of the said product has the capability and skill to deliver up to the desired standards well after the sale has been concluded. We, at A.S. Sales pride ourselves on our expert customer services that are available globally. Which implies that beyond getting support from highly trained and qualified technicians and experts of the field, one shall also find that the response time of our team is so quick that before the issue becomes a major concern, it is neutralized. When it comes to our coating systems, they boast the finest quality that this market has to offer due the years of research and testing leading up to the genesis of each product.

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Our Strengths

Design and Construction happen to be our forte. We ensure that the aesthetics and life of your floor is just about right and our strengthened coating decreases the need for repetitive maintenance. Protection against chemicals and abrasion along with meeting the hygiene and safety standards are the basic features of the seamless concrete protection coating system. With a wide range of colors available, it makes it easier to maintain the aesthetic factor. With the superior quality of the coating systems, it reduces the risk involved in heavy work. Meanwhile, the loads considered too should be taken into consideration. It is of utmost importance to check the load that the floor will be subjected to and how it reacts to the same.

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Market Philosophy

For that matter, every A.S. Sales product is the outcome of intensive research and development that combines state-of-the-art technology with innovative thinking, practical knowledge and expert Technical service. Beyond offering coating systems and their subsequent maintenance, we also offer a basic course in coating and painting which is aimed at familiarizing the employees with our product. This course is offered upon request only and that too with prior intimation. A.S. Sales is not just a product but rather an experience which is precisely what makes us stand far apart from other vendors.

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An elite vendor

Our range of products that are aimed at protecting the surfaces and with special emphasis on the floor coating systems fall under the blanket term of Jotafloor. Its protective qualities safeguard against various elements such as chemicals, corrosion, heavy traffic or any abrasion while coming in many vibrant colors. The load spreading effect of our thicker coating system differs depending upon the bond line and generally there are three variants for the same load. When the bond line is at 40N/mm2, the coating transferred area at 1mm2 is 0.1mm, while 2.0 mm coating area is transferred at bond line 13mm2 when the force at bond line 3.1N/mm2 and at bond line 0.5N/mm2, 5.0mm is the transferred area of the coating. Beyond these, the project requirements for each industrial floor is unique and can affect the application of the product based on factors such as traffic, mechanical wear, chemical resistance, temperature, hygiene and surface preparation. Only after fully understanding the parameters and demands of the project surface do we proceed with selecting the type of coating that needs to be applied. That being said, it is safe to assume that there must be many surfaces which have common elements which is why we have a variety of templates that elucidate the precise application of our product with respect to surface types of a certain specific nature. For example, a surface that is used as a warehouse will require the combined application of Jotafloor sealer 40 mic DFT (1 unit) and Jotafloor Topcoat 50 mic DFT (2 units) which is differs from the requirements of a surface that is used for exhibitions or indoor events. Our various templates are further elucidated in the relevant sections.

Major Products


BARRIER A two component polyamide cured zinc rich epoxy coating, barrier can be used as a primer in atmospheric environments.

HARD TOP AS With excellent chemical resistance, it is a two component chemically curing aliphatic acrylic polyurethane coating.

HARD TOP XP A two component chemically curing aliphatic acrylic polyurethane coating, with exceptional gloss and color retention.

JOTAMASTIC 87 With an aim to provide extensive protection against tough environmental factors,

JOTAMASTIC 87 ALUMINIUM This is a two component polyamine cured epoxy mastic coating which is pigmented with aluminium to obtain an improved barrier effect.

JOTAMASTIC SMART PACK This is a two component amine cured epoxy mastic coating that comes in a 1:1 mixing ratio so as to reduce wastage and make the process of application easier.

MARATHON XHB This is a two component polyamine cured epoxy coating which boasts an extremely high impact

PENGUARD HB Typically designed for steel surfaces that are exposed to high corrosive environments,

PENGUARD EXPRESS Series Due to its fast drying properties, the two component amine cured epoxy coating is required majorly in areas

RESIST 86 The resist 86 is a two component moisture curing inorganic zinc ethyl silicate coating best known for its fast curing properties.

SOLVALITT The requirement for this product is felt during times wherein the surface needs to be protected from excessive heat and high temperatures.

TANKGUARD STORAGE With excellent chemical resistance properties

Our strengths

Quality and Innovation

Our products are used for corrosion protection of steel structures on land and offshore, as well as sophisticated coatings for the protection and decoration of concrete walls & floors Jotun got it’s own internal quality program covering production, called Quality Control Manual. This manual covers procedures for in-process and final control of intermediates and finished goods.. A rigid quality assurance system is imposed during stages of manufacture, before, during and after production. During manufacture, constant sampling takes place to assure consistent quality throughout the batch.

Jotun group R&D centre is located at Sandefjord Norway and there are regional laboratories in UAE, Malaysia, South Korea, Norway, USA, China, Czech Republic and Thailand. Our annual investments in Research & Development exceed 33 million US$. annually and the innovation process are increasing and are more focused on customer needs. Every Jotun product is an outcome of intensive research and development combining state-of-the-art technology with innovative thinking, practical knowledge and experience

Technical Service

At Jotun, we are able to utilize our vast worldwide experience to provide technical assistance and coating recommendations in the Oil & Gas, Heavy Duty Industry, Energy, Sewerage, concrete and in fact all industries where corrosion problems are encountered. We provide quality service not only through instructive, carefully designed technical literature but by personal visits by highly qualified and experienced personnel with the essential technical equipment Jotun's technical service team of fully trained and experienced experts are available to help you achieve the most effective and economic coating protection and performance. Most of them are certified by NACE or FROSIO . Jotun’s Technical Team is under continuous training and auditing system though Team No.1 training program.

Additional Services

Jotun can offer Basic Paint School courses for your organisation, upon request.