Jotun Protects Property

Jotun A/S was founded in 1926 by Odd Gleditsch and is the parent company for the whole Jotun Group.

Jotun group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of decorative paints, protective and marine coatings and powder coatings. Established eight decades ago in Norway, today, the Jotun group has established a strong presence worldwide.

Jotun s head office and main research and development departments are situated in Sandefjord, Norway, with manufacturing units, sales, technical service departments in over 60 countries worldwide.

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Our vision

Our Vision is to achieve exceptional growth and profitability by exceeding customer expectations. Jotun aims to be the leading player in defined market segments worldwide.

We aim to deliver the highest possible level of service through our dedicated and competent employees. We seek to partner with our customers right from the identification of the need, to delivery and application of suitable quality products.

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Global Capabilities

Jotun is a WW paint supplier and are present in nearly all corners of the world.
Jotun has served major companies and global projects over the last 40 years.
Jotun Protective Coatings operates with both a Concept Management and Global Key Account Management (ISM) focus to ensure a uniformed approach and the best possible service level world wide to our targeted customers.
ISM is controlling Jotun’s activity towards our global targeted key customers/accounts around the world – being the single point of contact from Jotun’s side.
The Concept’s, consisting of Offshore, HPI, Energy and Infrastructure, as well as our Global Key Account team’s (ISM) focus lies in supporting and assisting the global Jotun network.

Jotun builds long term relationships with all its stakeholders including customers, suppliers and employees. We strive and aim to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders

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Market Philosophy

We believe in working together with customers as a team to achieve the goal of ultimate satisfaction by providing unique solution and expert service to corrosion problems to have win-win situation for us and customers

We only specify products which are in our core assortment. These products are produced and are available worldwide.

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An elite vendor

A proven successful supplier to a number of global companies and global projects. A single source solution for most coating requirements. Jotun offers decorative, industrial, marine, powder and intumescent coatings. An excellent global network to support global customers world wide Well established team-thinking people handle cross-border projects and international customers Global core assortment products available world wide Excellent track record and long term experience from the Offshore industry Specific products have a long proven track record in the industry and are supported by test documentation, references and approvals Excellent technical service supported by one of the highest number of technical service personnel in the industry, and they all bring with them the same high standards of knowledge and education to our customers.

Major Products


BARRIER Series is a two-pack zinc rich epoxy primer.

HARD TOP AS is a two pack polyurethane topcoat with excellent gloss and colour retention.

HARD TOP XP is a two pack high solids, aliphatic polyurethane topcoat with excellent gloss and colour retention.

JOTAMASTIC 87 is a epoxy based undercoat suitable for application on steel where blast cleaning is not possible.

JOTAMASTIC 87 ALUMINIUM is a two pack surface tolerant, abrasion resistant, high solids epoxy mastic coating which may be applied at high film thickness.

JOTAMASTIC SMART PACK is a two-pack surface tolerant high solids epoxy mastic coating which is provided in 1:1 mixing ratio for easy mixing and reduced wastage.

MARATHON XHB is a high solids, low VOC, high build, two pack epoxy coating reinforced with glass flakes.

PENGUARD HB is a high build epoxy based primer / intermediate coat suitable for application on steel, concrete and plaster surfaces prior to applying epoxy and polyurethane top coats.

PENGUARD EXPRESS Series is a fast drying high solids two pack epoxy coating which may be applied in high film thickness and at lower temperatures.

RESIST 86 is a two pack quick curing zinc ethyl silicate coating.

SOLVALITT is a heat resisting paint based on silicone acrylic binder.

TANKGUARD STORAGE is a two component, high solid phenolic epoxy coating with resistance to a wide range of chemicals and solvents.

Our strengths

Quality and Innovation

Our products are used for corrosion protection of steel structures on land and offshore, as well as sophisticated coatings for the protection and decoration of concrete walls & floors Jotun got it’s own internal quality program covering production, called Quality Control Manual. This manual covers procedures for in-process and final control of intermediates and finished goods.. A rigid quality assurance system is imposed during stages of manufacture, before, during and after production. During manufacture, constant sampling takes place to assure consistent quality throughout the batch.

Jotun group R&D centre is located at Sandefjord Norway and there are regional laboratories in UAE, Malaysia, South Korea, Norway, USA, China, Czech Republic and Thailand. Our annual investments in Research & Development exceed 33 million US$. annually and the innovation process are increasing and are more focused on customer needs. Every Jotun product is an outcome of intensive research and development combining state-of-the-art technology with innovative thinking, practical knowledge and experience

Technical Service

At Jotun, we are able to utilize our vast worldwide experience to provide technical assistance and coating recommendations in the Oil & Gas, Heavy Duty Industry, Energy, Sewerage, concrete and in fact all industries where corrosion problems are encountered. We provide quality service not only through instructive, carefully designed technical literature but by personal visits by highly qualified and experienced personnel with the essential technical equipment Jotun's technical service team of fully trained and experienced experts are available to help you achieve the most effective and economic coating protection and performance. Most of them are certified by NACE or FROSIO . Jotun’s Technical Team is under continuous training and auditing system though Team No.1 training program.

Additional Services

Jotun can offer Basic Paint School courses for your organisation, upon request.